Kill Your Masters

“Whoa, wow hold on there buddy. That title is a little harsh, no?” When you read the title at face value it does come off on the extreme end but letters and words are just language. Killing your masters is eliminating your fears. Relinquishing power from systems, people, person, places or things. What has you?

The Dysfunctional New York Knicks

Long gone are the days of the illustrious NY Knicks championship run in the 1970’s. Long gone are dominant contender run years lead by Patrick Ewing. Take a look and see if we can dissect where they went wrong and how they might be able to reclaim the respect they once had in the league and society.

The Popcorn Report

If I told you to quickly think of your summers as a child, what would be some of the things you would think about? I see the trends of the youth today. It is grossly social media and pop-culture oriented. My thought is, will my kids even get to do half the stuff I did at their age or will they even disregard console games in favor of uploading their next photo of what they ate for breakfast?

Let it go!

Content is key! With the world to use, what do I talk about that keeps the reader engaged? I figure if I’m honest and just be myself that would get the job done. People like me, right? Wait… do they?

How it began

As new parents my wife and I quickly realized things are expensive! We all want the best for our kids, so we try to provide what we can. Unfortunately for us we didn’t have family or someone close to us  that was able to stay with our little one when we both had to go back to work. In comes DAYCARE!